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The customers claim has been approved for replacement per section 8.3 of the warranty agreement.

BEWARE PLEASE READ ! And had to put one star because you had to put something but as of right now they don't deserve a star, This company makes promises they do not keep , I paid service guy $60 to come view problems he was very Good and very nice , but select home warranty has gave me the run around for over a week on both they refuse to fix heat and air and I'm single mom with a disabled child which its been very difficult and uncomfortable for us both.and with dryer they saying they will give me $50 credit towards a new one and it's a gas dryer which I paid over $500 for they saying it's 30 years old which is a lie because I bought it about 15 years ago BRAND NEW even the service guy said around 15 to 20 yrs old BUT REGARDLESS of age I was told when signing up that all I pay is the $60 fee and if they couldn't fix it they replace no matter what , and the service person you pay the $60 is suppose to fix or these other reviews on here where they saying the person who came out repaired or replace must be people for the company because that's not what the company is telling me the $60 is just for someone to tell what's wrong you have to pay someone else to do the work and select home warranty will come up with every excuse not to fix it .

Other warranty companies that I have checked with replace or fix no matter if your items or 200 yrs old and the person you pay the fee to does all the work and they get it done in same day or on next day and them warranty companies ask no questions and have no problems helping you they actually care about their customers BUT SELECT HOME WARRANTY will give you the run around on everything but taking your money. For example I signed up I was told warranty would be in affect 30 days from signing up and money was taking out my account that same day but 35 days later I had problems with air I called select they said my warranty wouldn't go into affect until 2 more days because you have to wait 5 days for payment to clear but that's would be 37 days wow but yet payment went straight through the same day I signed up even person who took call and processed the payment verified payment had been successful and processed and in 30 says it would be affective well 35 days later I had an issue and they wouldn't help luckily it was were the circuit box had just trip so once turned on it was working again but a week later it got cold and heat was working until 830 am and it stopped now remind you I have a disabled child we was freezing I called select they refuse to fix it saying I had called before and air wasn't working so they couldn't do anything after I explained to them that there was no problem it was just the box and had Been ok and running they still refused and I told them that I had disabled child and we were freezing they did not care about us made up a bunch of excuses never said sorry and it was 30 days and i was told that was the day my would be affective, well week later gas dryer went out and as in beginning of this review i explained how that's going .I'm not sure of what I should do but I can tell you this DO NOT PICK THIS WARRANTY COMPANY unless you don't care about wasting money and time I'm still waiting on A Manger to call me and if they don't make everything good even air and heat I will get legal advice and cancel my membership because this is ridiculous they make big promise when you sign up.but once you make a claim they give you the run around and try to find every reason not to help you other companies do not do that because I have talked to over 60 people this week who have other warranty companies and they even said select is a rip off so all these good reviews you see trust me they are people who either work for the company or people who got paid to do it to cover up for all the other bad reviews because I have found online over thousands of bad reviews on select home warranty. I will keep yall updated on my claims if they do the right thing after I go higher up the latter i will let yall know but of course they Been promising me that a manager would call me within 24 to 48 hrs well it's been a week and no call just me calling them .I'm very disappointed and me and my disabled daughter have been fighting this weather change and suffering a lot plus no way to dry clothes it's been awful.

They don't care about their customers at all even other warranty companies pay up to $1600 for you to stay in a nice comfortable hotel until work is completely done .if it's something that deals with being uncomfortable. I will keep yall updated have a blessed day Happy Easter everyone please pray for us .if they make it right i will change my review also .but right now it doesn't seem like they will Be careful with these home warranties do your homework 1st and ask around I wish I had of .this is the worst experience I could of paid for a new dryer with all the money that I have paid them and service providers

Product or Service Mentioned: Select Home Warranty Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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