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Select home warranty is a total SCAM. I called to make my first claim after 50 days which they sold me s $500 pkg for a year for a plumbing leak.

The plumber came and charged me $45 up front and then after he saw the leak he said he has to bring a special tools to find the source of the leak and the fee will be $530 and select don't cover it and I have to pay that myself,and he left! Can you believe it?he comes he charge and does nothing! I called the customer service an older lady with accent she explained That because the leak is under ground they don't cover that fee. I was very angry and asked for the manager and the manager just explained the sane thing and when I told her that's bulshit and scam ,she hung up on me!can you believe,and that was the end of my CLAIM!

What's a bulshit company,the didn't even follow up or call me back! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!they even tried so hard to sell me 3 yrs in the beginning but I didn't accept!

Product or Service Mentioned: Select Home Warranty Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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